...مقالاتی به انگلیسی، فرانسوی و
انتشارات اندیشه و پیکار

In Sympathy and Solidarity with People of Palestine

The loss of Yaser Arafat, leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization and of the Palestine Authority is catastrophic for all the supporters of freedom and equality in the Middle East and the world. For half a century he led the struggle of the people for revival of their national identity, for emancipation from occupation and Zionist colonization, and for establishing a democratic and secular Palestinian state. His life was intertwined with the enormous suffering of his people. In spite of outstanding power inequality and daily all-encompassing attacks by Israel, the United States and other powers, he did not fear the hardships and always stood strong on the essential rights of the Palestinian people to achieve national independence.

We are speaking as Iranian exiles who suffered the oppression of the Shah and the Islamic Republic regimes. We witnessed both regimes, each in its own method, collaborating with the opressors of the Palestinians. Both regimes tried hard to prevent Palestinians from achieving a real freedom. In this hard situation we stand by the struggle of the Palestinian people and we believe that peace in Palestine is only possible if Palestinians have full right to defy occupation and to achieve self-determination.

The movement for liberation of Palestine has now gained international dimensions. It is a struggle that has the respect of all activists who support justice. The struggle of the Palestinian people is indeed our struggle. In these sensitive historical moments we consider ourselves Palestinians. Today, we share in their sadness and mourning; we share in their worries for their future. We hope that the magnificent struggle of the people and the support of the world will force the government of Israel to withdraw from the occupied territories and to respect international treaties. Peace will be established based on the free and equal votes of people in this region.

November 17, 2004

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