...مقالاتی به انگلیسی، فرانسوی و
انتشارات اندیشه و پیکار

In Solidarity with the People of Palestine and Lebanon

It's Impossible to Stay Neutral Against Israel's Aggression

We, as Iranians committed to freedom, social justice, democracy and equal rights for all nations, are appalled by the killing and annihilation of the people of Palestine and Lebanon by Israel. Israel is destroying the autonomy and even the right of existence of the people of Palestine and Lebanon and has occupied and annexed their homeland. In this act, Israel has the shameless and unconditional support of the United States of America.

We condemn the aggressive policies that govern the world and in our belief as long as the ongoing logic of aggression, colonial goals and policies based on plundering nations is present the Middle East will not have peace. The Middle East will not have peace as long as Israel or any other powerful state is exempted from obeying international laws without any penalty.
It is the right of every individual and oppressed nation to wage a just resistance against oppression and aggression by any material and moral means possible.

We also condemn the silence of the so called "International Community", the United Nation's inability to harness the rogue behavior of Israel and the US. We condemn the compliant attitude of Europe in this matter.
Furthermore, we condemn the political games and the abuse of Islamic religion and the crocodile tears of dictatorship regimes in the region, such as the government of Iran.

Faced with the Goebbels style lies of "establishing democracy in the Middle East" and "Israel's right of self-defence", in the presence of the widespread state terrorism in the whole region, there is no way other than overall resistance and uprising of various groups of people.

We distance ourselves from the ongoing shameless silence. We distance ourselves from irresponsible hesitations to stop the atrocities. We demand the solidarity of humanity with the oppressed and resistant people of Palestine and Lebanon. Their bleeding wounds are our wounds. We are not neutral. Being neutral is a crime against humanity!

Aug 1, 2006 - twentieth day of the bombardment of Lebanon.